We organize:
- Wedding receptions (for up to 130 people)
- Christening parties
- First Communion receptions
- Social events
- Feasts with folk music and dancing
- Sleigh rides along Gubałówka range with tea laced with vodka

Our menu includes a wide choice of traditional dishes and delicacies of highland cuisine (for guests who spend a night in our rooms 20% discount and for organized groups and companies 8% discount). If you want to taste a real cuisine of our region try Kwaśnica soup, grilled Oscypek with cranberry and cheese called Korbacz and of course lamb on a local potato cake called Moskol. Other dishes are listed below, “Piyknie pytomy” (Welcome!)

1. Grilled cheese with cranberries
2. Regional grated potato pancake with garlic butter
3. Chunk of bread from lard
4. The plate of cottage regional cheeses
5. Herring with apple and onion in sour cream

1. Luncheon-basket: tost, yellow cheese, jam, butter, tomato
2. Cottage cheese with sour cream and chives
3. Potatoes with onion and kefir
4. Scrambled eggs on butter or bacon
5.Pancakes with cheese and fruit


1. Russian dumplings - Dumplings with mushroom and kraut - Meat dumplings
2. Bigos - stewed cabbage
3. Sausage from grill with onion
4. Panned potatoes crumpet

1. Borsch (Beetroot soup) with egg or meat croquette
2. Fermented rye flour soup (Polish sour soup) with sausage and potatoes
3. Kwasnica, sour cabbage soup with rib and potatoes
4. Lamb bouillon with boiled meat - balls
5. Beef bouillon with boiled meat - balls
6. Mushroom soup with a small noodles
7. Tomato soup with a small noodles
8. Goulash soup with noodles

1. Pork chop served in traditional coating (coated with breadscrumbs)
2. Highlander steak with onion
3. Pig's steak with horse-radish
4. Shashlik - meat pig's
5. Roasted ribs with caraway
6. Knuckle of pork from grill
7. Chicken cutlet a’la Paris
8. Chicken cutlet de Volaile
9. Chicken breast filet with pineapple and cheese
10. Chicken's nagget roasted or fried
11. Cheese cutlet in breadcrumbs
12. Grilled beef sirloin with garlic butter or piperic butter
13. Panned potatoes crumpet served with goulash
14. Pig`s goulash on regional grated potato pancake
15. Lamb goulash on regional grated potato pancake
16. Grilled trout with herbs
17. Fillet from fried in breadcrumbs mintaj


1. French fries (Chips)
2. Boiled Potatoes
3. Fried potatoes
4. Rice
5. Set of salads
6. Vegetable on peer

1. Honielnik’s cake - Apple cake

2. Ice-cream cup:
• chocolate ice- cream, nuts – raisins ice- cream, advokaat ice-creams chocolate glaze, sweetmeats
• pistachio ice-cream, strawberry ice-cream, creamy ice-cream, fruit glaze, fruit
• strawberry ice-cream, chocolate ice-cream, creamy ice- cream, fruitglaze, fruit

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